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Gamba Logistica * Deposito merci | Stoccaggio merci Bergamo Gamba Logistica offers among its services the warehousing and storage of goods in Bergamo and its province. The large warehouse, organized with cutting-edge technologies and equipped with the best safety systems, is able to guarantee the safe storage of your goods.

Gamba Logistica is able to manage goods storage for companies of various sizes and various needs, from the smallest, with limited needs, to the largest, with scrupulous requests.

Our storage warehouses, equipped with drive-in and traditional shelving, are equipped with the latest fire, anti-theft and anti-intrusion systems. They are also protected by a closed-circuit video surveillance system.

The goods storage capacity of our warehouses exceeds 5000 square meters, all covered. We offer the possibility of depositing goods on pallets, in maximum safety and at competitive rates.

The goods are deposited with an organized and safe method, guaranteeing traceability and control.

In managing the storage of goods in the warehouse, our watchword is flexibility. Each object destined for storage must be given specific attention and management methods. Furthermore, our service allows the customer to decide how long the storage will last, whether in the short, medium or long term.

In case of need, it is possible to combine this service with the countless warehouse and item management services offered by Gamba Logistica srl.

Whether you decide to use our spaces as a warehouse and warehouse for third parties, or you want to rely on us for the management of the entire logistics process, we guarantee you only excellent services.

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